Updated Lockdown AGM Details

Dear Members, With the extension of the current lockdown it will be impossible to conduct our AGM as planned. As our Constitution requires us to hold Read more


1 Andrew Walsh208First Grade6
2 Nicholas Stapleton167First Grade7
3 Matthew Hopkins165Second Grade2
4 Kurt Chalker131Poidevin-Gray Shield3
5 Kaleb Phillips120Poidevin-Gray Shield5
6 Joshua Moors110Second Grade11
7 Blake Newport107Fourth Grade4
8 Max Farmer105Second Grade3
9 Luke Bartier100First Grade7
10 Ethan Simpson95Fifth Grade7


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Grade: NSW Premie:Second Grade Round: GF 3 Apr 21
4 Apr 21
5 Apr 21
Manly-Warringah   def   St George
Grade: NSW Premie:Fourth Grade Round: GF 3 Apr 21
4 Apr 21
St George   def by   Sutherland