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Batting Partnerships

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1184 Mitchell Gray - Adam Whatley St George Cricket ClubSecond Grade5 1 UNSW
2177 Blake Nikitaras - Nicholas Stapleton St George Cricket ClubFirst Grade13 1 Hawkesbury
3148 Blake Nikitaras - Tom Engelbrecht St George Cricket ClubPoidevin-Gray Shield2 1 UNSW
4199 Jackson Shaw - Luke Stanton St George Cricket ClubFourth Grade4 1 Fairfield-Liverpool
5177 Ethan Jamieson - Billy Arena St George Cricket ClubAW Green Shield6 1 Fairfield-Liverpool
6113 Matt Grealey - Jackson Shaw St George Cricket ClubThird Grade9 1 Mosman
785 Joel Rush - Thomas Kennedy St George Cricket ClubFourth Grade11 1 UTS North Sydney
895 Matthew Hopkins - Peter Francis St George Cricket ClubFirst Grade4 1 Fairfield-Liverpool
942 Jonathan Rose - Jonathon Craig Dobson St George Cricket ClubFirst Grade14 1 Sydney University
1059 Joshua Moors - Wallace Marshall St George Cricket ClubSecond Grade3 1 Parramatta

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